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May 2019

Testing or trying-out?

Do you know the difference between trying-out and testing? Rest assured, we are not going to have a semantic discussion here. But what we do want to say is that we see roughly two tastes when it comes to application testing. Namely companies that try out applications and companies that test applications. And there is a world… Read more

May 2019

The specter of the new release

Who has not experienced this before? You choose a specific cloud application to make your life easier. The application fits well with the wishes of the users and everyone is satisfied. Until the release ghost comes around with a new release ... Useful functionalities have suddenly disappeared, new functionalities appear awkward and the modified structure… Read more

April 2019

Digital hay fever

With 'The Digital Spring' TestNet announces this year's spring event. On May 15, hundreds of testers will gather like happy little lambs in the spring meadow, called TestNet, to celebrate the digital spring. But what does the digital spring mean ... ?? Bugs If we extend the metaphor of the digital spring, we will see… Read more

February 2019

What you need to know when choosing a test tool.

Software testing is a profession. It is a discipline that goes much further than just testing an update or a new functionality. In principle, software testing is about how do you limit risks and errors in software systems? Testing is a continuous process. A good test tool is inevitable within an adult testing process. But… Read more

February 2019

Let's talk about test...

"As a test coordinator you are not always popular ..." In this blog series we speak with test managers and test coordinators from various branches. At Testersuite we would like to hear the various visions in the field of testing and what concerns a test manager or test coordinator. Meet Rob van Gils, test coordinator… Read more

February 2019

EHR testing getting more and more important!

Why EHR testing is becoming increasingly important? A hospital has the primary task of providing care. The fact that more and more automation is involved here is no secret. Patient data is shot back and forth between practitioners, general practitioners, nursing staff, health insurers, etc ... But how do you know that this daily amount of… Read more

January 2019

Does IT outsourcing dismiss you from Functional Te...

IT outsourcing, nearshoring, offshoring ... these are wonderful terms that deal with transferring the management and maintenance of an IT environment to an external party. This raises the question whether you are dismissed from all responsibilities with regard to a well-functioning IT environment. Strangely enough, this often seems the case. Consciously, unconsciously or driven by a wrong… Read more

December 2018

Tester awards Testersuite with a 8,3

A tester is used to give his opinion. So the Testersuite Team asked all users of Testersuite to give their opinion about the tool. Like back in our schooldays we where excited to see what our Christmas report would look like. What for score would we get from the Testersuite users. And here are the results Drum roll… Read more

December 2018

Smart workers going for quality time in december

  Ah... you are still there. That's good. Because Testersuite has a question for you. Since you are still at work (and therefore not yet under the Christmas tree), you probably know the answer to the question below: Are you that smart worker that goes for quality time in December? If your answer is yes, then you belong… Read more

December 2018

The simplicity of a powerful test tool

The Testersuite team strongly believes in the power of simplicity. Whether it concerns the use of a test tool or the online booking of a trip, simplicity makes our life more pleasant. And actually we can state that the desire for simplicity is generic. We flock on social media to communicate with the whole world… Read more

November 2018

Defect management - fast - easy - free

It has become part of our daily life; the use of good useful and free apps that make life easier for us. Consider for example WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, Google Calendar, Skype etc ... This is no different in the business world. There are many examples of this. Reason enough for us to put Testersuite's side… Read more

November 2018

Successful customer day Testersuite

The somewhat devoted environment with the particularly ambitious name Kontakt der Kontinenten was the stage for the annual Testersuite customer day this year. The assembled Testersuite users received an interesting program. Noteworthy was the presentation about blockchain testing where the attendees were surprised with something new from the past ... Testersuite users in discussion The… Read more