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December 2018

Slimme werkers gaan voor quality time eind decembe...

  Ah... je bent er dus nog. Dat is mooi. Want Testersuite heeft even een vraag aan je. Aangezien je nog gewoon aan het werk bent (en dus nog even niet onder de kerstboom ligt), weet je vast het antwoord op onderstaande vraag: Ben jij die slimme werker die gaat voor quality time eind december? Als je… Read more

December 2018

The simplicity of a powerful test tool

The Testersuite team strongly believes in the power of simplicity. Whether it concerns the use of a test tool or the online booking of a trip, simplicity makes our life more pleasant. And actually we can state that the desire for simplicity is generic. We flock on social media to communicate with the whole world… Read more

November 2018

Defect management - fast - easy - free

It has become part of our daily life; the use of good useful and free apps that make life easier for us. Consider for example WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, Google Calendar, Skype etc ... This is no different in the business world. There are many examples of this. Reason enough for us to put Testersuite's side… Read more

November 2018

Successful customer day Testersuite

The somewhat devoted environment with the particularly ambitious name Kontakt der Kontinenten was the stage for the annual Testersuite customer day this year. The assembled Testersuite users received an interesting program. Noteworthy was the presentation about blockchain testing where the attendees were surprised with something new from the past ... Testersuite users in discussion The… Read more

November 2018

Hat-trick for Testersuite!

For the third year in a row Testersuite has won the FD Gazellen award. We are very proud of this at Testersuite. Every year the Financieel Dagblad presents the FD Gazellen Awards to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. This years presentation was extra exciting because of the adjusted criteria compared to previous years.… Read more

November 2018

Worrying level of software testing in healthcare

More than ever before, Boehm's law, formulated in 1979, appears to apply: Recovery costs increase exponentially with every step that an error comes closer to the production environment. If you think a minute about this, you realize that this, still current, pronunciation was made at a time when the Volkswagen Golf and Bohemian Rapsody were respectively 5… Read more

November 2018

Blockchain Testing

We have to admit, the title of this blog is rather ambitious; blockchain testing. How do you that anyway? Are there already cases or best practices known and can blockchain actually be tested? It also raises the question whether blockchain testing is something for the far or near future. Are organizations already working with this technology… Read more

November 2018

Welcome Arjen Kooi

On his first day at his new job we challenged our new sales guy Arjen Kooi to meet our biggest challenge; the Testersuite Bibber Test! Watch to see if he makes it! Arjen, a warm welcome! Read more

October 2018

Recording Test Results - Another approach...

A wise man once said: "It is in human nature to think wisely and act silly." And that is precisely the reason why people constantly look for guidance. For example by thinking up processes. But how do you ensure that processes are complied with? And perhaps even more interesting, can we learn from other processes and… Read more

October 2018

Quality portal – Test Manager moves to center qu...

Testersuite helps you as a Test Manager to get contoll of your test proces. That is great but your test proces is obvisouly not an isolated proces. There is a lot of common ground with other it processes. Quality goes beyond the test process. Therefore it is important that the test tooling you use respond to… Read more

October 2018

(Nederlands) Let's talk about test...

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. “Zorg voor een goed wijzigingsproces! Dan komt de rest vanzelf.” In deze blogreeks spreken wij met testmanagers en testcoördinatoren uit diverse branches.… Read more

September 2018

(Nederlands) Geautomatiseerd testen. Een mug of ee...

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.Het gezoem van de grote kolonie testers zal weer te horen zijn tijdens het najaarsevenement van TestNet op 10 oktober. Toepasselijk want de organisatie… Read more