November 2018

Blockchain Testing

We have to admit, the title of this blog is rather ambitious; blockchain testing. How do you that anyway? Are there already cases or best practices known and can blockchain actually be tested? It also raises the question whether blockchain testing is something for the far or near future. Are organizations already working with this technology and what is the impact on the IT landscape. Visionaries predict a world in which blockchain technology will change the world. The most daring forecasts outline a world in which bankers, notaries, accountants, etc … are redundant. For some a relief and for others a fear. There is also the question of what the effect will be on the IT sector as we know it today. Who can tell the future…

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Blockchain in practice

In general blockchain has become known through cryptocurrency such as the bitcoin. But currently there are more services that embrace the blockchain technology. This technology offers interesting perspectives for a number of sectors:

  • Logistics; shipping goods requires tons of administration. Blockchain technology can offer a solution here
  • Real Estate; less fun for the notary but interesting for the buyer
  • Social Media; postings without censorship
  • Identity management; for checking personal data
  • Payments; what is done with cryptocurrency is also applicable for existing cash flows

Nobody knows exactly what the future will look like. But that developments are going fast is certain. What seems as future today may be a reality tomorrow. At Testersuite we are aware of this. And that is reason enough to do something with it.

Blockchain testing. How?

During the annual customer day of Testersuite on 15 November, we will address the subject of blockchain testing. This wil be done by our guest speaker Filip Joele, Agile Quality Coach at Sogeti. Filip has been interested for some time in – and involved in – the developments of Blockchain. For example, he tries to define the answer to the question in what way testing Blockchain Solutions is different. And are there things that remain unchanged? Hopefully there will be an answer to these questions. But of course Filip will first give an introduction about “what exactly is Blockchain and how does it work …?”  If you want to know more about Testersuite, take a look here. Are you a user of Testersuite and do you want to be at our customer day? Then sign up here. Note that the number of available places is limited.

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